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Handmade Travel Outfits 5-5.5

18 Apr

Last day–

And in keeping with the theme, I wore the same skirt two ways. What’s more, I kind of invented the skirt on the fly. I took out the yellow cotton underskirt from last week’s knitting project, and declared that a finished skirt, all on its own…

and wore it first with an older cotton hand-knit sweater (pattern: “Orangina“) for a morning appointment (with red flats), and then later with my Butterick b5497 and Jambu sandals, for tromping about town, as well as for the return trip home.


And that concludes this particular journey, completed in all clothing I made for myself. Time to settle in back home, and get out the sewing machine (and knitting needles) to see what turns up, next.

Handmade Travel Outfits 4-4.5

17 Apr

The theme for this trip appears to be “separates”. Skirts and pants and tops worn mixed and matched, with not a single dress mixed in. Versatile, hand-sewn clothing in multiple outfits.

This is day 4, my “folded skirt” in ponte knit. By day, for touring around, it’s paired with a pullover lace sweater knitted from a 1923 pattern, “Summerland Sweater“.

The turquoise and blue with my bright-colored bangles and earrings make this is my “1980’s revival” outfit.

By night…

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Handmade Travel Outfit 3

15 Apr

Same green pants I’ve worn before (Butterick 6833).

This time with a tunic top I made a couple of years ago. It’s McCalls M5512, and I made it out of this Missoni-style fabric I fell in love with. Turning the grain-line on the bias was an alteration of my own, to play up the lovely stripes.

To bad it didn’t photograph well in the sun, it’s mostly pink, shot through with purple, blue, green, and gold. Goes well with my handmade bangles. I really loved wearing this outfit, I felt like I was embodying the spirit of the 1970’s, with the loose, long tunic layered over flowing trousers, with sandals.

Handmade Travel Outfit 2 1/2

14 Apr

The  same slacks, without the jacket, later the same day, makes a more casual outfit.

The shirt is one I re-fashioned from a men’s button shirt. I can’t find the original blog post I first saw this on, but another blogger inspired the “wear it backwards” detail–I cut off the sleeves, put darts in the (old) back of the shirt, now the front, cut out a new neckline, and turned a stuffy shirt into a fun summery top.

This is before:

This is now:

Handmade Travel Outfit 2

14 Apr

The kimono jacket and trousers were both documented, in their making, right here in this blog. Now, they hit the road together as an outfit, as part of my “suitcase challenge” in which  I pack only clothing I have made, myself.

Handmade Travel outfit 1

13 Apr

The “easiest skirt in the world” from a couple of weeks ago turns out to be a comfortable thing to wear on a plane (over leggings, for leaving the house in cold weather, which are easily removed to convert the outfit for warmer weather once I arrive.)


Paired with the  black cowl-neck short-sleeved top I made before one of my other trips, it makes a versatile outfit for the flight, as well as for wandering around, and even venturing into some arts and culture.

On the road again!

10 Apr

I’m packing my “handmade suitcase” again–my ongoing handmade challenge, when I leave my home, can I dress myself only in things I’ve made myself?


This time it’s five days, and south–heading to warmer weather, while I’ve been sewing for winter and early spring, and I’ll have to dig down and see what I’ve got, on hand, that will fit this climate change.  I’ll let you know how it goes, with photos!

Head-to-toe Handmade

10 Mar

It’s not technically a “suitcase challenge” because I didn’t spend the night, and hence, no packed bags…but I took a day trip, and I wore things I made.

I’m so crafty, I wear hand-knits on my hand-knits.

The green shell is my “Minimalist top“, in Knit Picks lace weight. Over that is my purple “Whisper Cardigan“, knitted up in The Best Yarn Ever, a.k.a. Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light.  The skirt is one of my many basic A-lines, patternless, made from whatever yard of novelty fabric I’ve fallen in love with most recently. (I made this one last summer, and wear it a lot, because there are a lot of lovely, subtle colors going on in there, so it goes with every other color.)

Even the bracelets are my own, one is knitted and one is one of my fabric-wrapped bangles: