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Such grand plans

1 Jul

I had such grand plans for sewing, today.

Alas, I fear the allure of my couch and sweet Earl Grey tea has somewhat overtaken my ambition.


I’m afraid sometimes–well, often, really–this blog serves mostly to highlight the gaps between my intentions, and my abilities to realize them. Intentions toward self-sufficiency, intentions to learn new skills, intentions to realize creative aspirations. Intentions to use up the fabrics in my stash, to learn good techniques and practices, to mend all the projects that are “one step away” from wearable. My intention to sew a pair of well-fitting pants. Intention to create a flattering blazer. To learn all the secrets of “well-fitting” and “flattering” where they apply to my body, my lifestyle.

So many intentions. So here I sit, drinking tea instead.