The End of Suitcase Challenge II

7 Feb

Once upon a time I made pants. It just so happens that they fit, right now, so for my last day of travel on Round 2 of my “Traveling Seamstress Handmade Suitcase Challenge” I am featuring my who-knows-how-old pair of handmade green pants, together with a cropped cardigan knit of Noro “Yuzen” multi-colored yarn.

AND, although my shell (worn under the cardi) is a factory-made piece, the bracelet on my wrist is one of my own fabric bangles.

Also, although you can’t see them, I think I get some extra-credit points, because under my boots I’m wearing my very own hand knitted socks.

Plus I’m wearing this outfit all the way home, which is always a good feeling, to be at that stage in any journey…it’ll be good to be back at my sewing machine once again, creating new things.


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