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Starting off easy: DIY fabric-covered bangle bracelets

18 Dec

I love bright,  chunky bangles in all different sizes and materials. Recently I’ve been giving some of my old ones a makeover by covering them in fabric.  I see lots of online tutorials about wrapping bangles in strips of fabric, but I thought I’d post my version, which doesn’t leave raw edges visible.

You need:

-plain bangles to cover. I used thrifted metal and plastic ones, but since I’ve covered all my old ones, for this batch I used wooden blanks from DIY bangles. The advantage of these is that they come in different sizes, both circumference and thickness, so it’s easier to fit those with small or larger hands.

-scraps of fabric. I like to use up my most obnoxious ones: faux fur, upholstery velvet, anything with texture and color.

-sewing machine (optional) and needle and thread.

-hot glue (optional)

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My Plan.

16 Dec

Okay, I admit straight up that this might be one of the more hair-brained ideas I’ve ever come up with, in the morning, before coffee.  But I’m several cups of coffee into the day and it’s still sounding doable, like I have to at least give it a try, at least for a little while.

The Source:

A vague dissatisfaction with my own consumer behavior, dissatisfaction with the fit and quality of commercial clothing that I buy, coupled with a nearly-compulsive desire to make things, most of the time.

My plan:

My plan is to suspend shopping and look instead for ways to make for myself all the clothing items I want to add to my wardrobe.   I’m going to make some exceptions: shoes, for example. Thrifted items that I remake to fit my own purposes. Tights and underwear. I know it’s possible to make one’s own brassiere, but at this moment I’m not tempted to try…though I won’t rule it out for the future, if that desire should be born. But also, I know that I’m making up my own rules for this project, and I’m likely to break them, as well…but breaking rules is part of fashion, too, and it will be interesting to find those lines along which my personal ambitions crumble.

My assets:

I am already proficient at both sewing and knitting, with an easy willingness (and a lot of tools already in my possession) to take on various other crafts.  I have a work space, too– a whole sewing room…a mess, of course (which inspires the title of this page) but a workable space just the same. I also, very importantly, have a completely functional wardrobe already filled with stuff. The reality is that like most of my American contemporaries, I rarely need new clothes, I buy them just because I like them…as entertainment, almost. And it is satisfying entertainment, to me, finding things to wear and finding new ways to wear them, but how much more entertaining could it be, if I got even more involved in the process?

I can learn so much!

And here, I enclose for your pleasure a photo of a recently finished dress project, as proof of possibilities, and as evidence that yes, I am fully capable of making clothing worth wearing out into the world. So even if I founder, I probably won’t suffer too badly along the way!


Make all the things!

16 Dec

I like clothing, and I like to make things.

What would happen if I made all the things that I wear?