Inspiration: Bergdorf Goodman

21 Dec

The window displays at Bergdorf Goodman are eye-catching year round, but at the holidays I find them a special treat. This season’s windows are no disappointment, with an emphasis on textures and lush materials. I’m a fan of the 1930’s style mannequins, in particular.

But the best part of the experience for me, today, was the synchronicity of this fabulously dressed young woman in a sheepskin vest, stepping up to the “Carnival of the Animals” window to closely photograph the wool-covered sheep in the display. The texture of the cabling on the knit of her sleeve, compared to the knitting in the animals in the window, the repeated motifs on either side of the glass….that is more beautiful than a mere window display on its own!

(click to enlarge)

Life imitates art…imitates life.

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